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Thank you to Our Sponsors : 



Tripping the Lights Fantastic is a grassroots, family friendly Music and Arts festival with it's heart settled in the lower foothills of the Olympic Mountains. We are a group of artists, musicians and local business owners that are coming together to celebrate community and the arts! 


The DIY music festival Tripping the Lights Fantastic, happening this weekend in Shelton, has more than a little bit in common with Woodstock.

There’s the poster, decorated with eye-popping tie-dye effects that would have been at home in 1969. There’s the farm setting. Then there’s the PSYCHEDELIC CONNECTION."


The Olympian -  full article


Tripping the lights just keeps getting better and better every year, the crowd is friendly and fun, the music is soul food!



Jennifer Jane James - Local Neah Bay Artist and Vendor

One of the most truly family-friendly outdoor events where you can get your boogie on early, in the afternoon and as late as you like with strategic naps to go the distance. Those Shadow People are hard to keep up with, no matter what shape your in!! You get your fill and money's worth if that's where your at, a



with no doubt!!"

John Kersting - JustUs Productions


Tripping the Lights Fantastic will be returning to it's home, the Skokomish Valley Grange Hall!
Join us again at this historic Shelton Local Venue!


2320 W Skokomish Valley Rd

Shelton, Washington

Please read all of the following to be knowledgeable about the rules and guidelines.

We are happy to announce the line-up for this years 6th Tripping the Lights Fantastic : a Palooza. We are calling it a Six Trips Around the Rock for reasons obvious and otherwise. We hope you will join us !!!!!

TTLF is grateful to be sponsored by:
Kush Creams
Olympic Mountain Ice Cream
Blissful Wunders
Eleanor Josephine
Sensible Concepts
Steamboat Island Register
We would only be half a show without these amazing and generous businesses !

Sound by Mic Werks
Stage Lights by Tripping the Lights
Psychedelic projection by Liquid Light Wizard

7:00 PM Opa Wels - Elevation Stage
8:30 PM Vendredi's Bag w/ Special Guest Frankie Sahara - Kush Creams Stage

4:00 PM----Inoculated Minds - Kush Creams Stage
6:30 PM----Twice Baked - Elevation Stage
8:00 PM----The Lumen - Kush Creams Stage
10:00 PM---Dream Spirit Light - Elevation Stage
11:00 PM---Form Destroyer - Kush Creams Stage

11:00 AM---Skyla Kate - Elevation Stage
12:00 PM---Isotones - Kush Creams Stage
1:30 PM----Straw Hat Revival - Elevation Stage
3:00 PM----Hinges - Kush Creams Stage
4:30 PM----Fawcett, Symons and Fogg - Elevation Stage
6:00 PM----Urban Shaman - Kush Creams Stage
7:30 PM----Luna Melt - Elevation Stage
9:00 PM----TPSS/All Star Jam - Kush Creams & Elevation Stages
12:00 PM---High Ceiling - Elevation Stage
2:00 AM----Extra Measures - Kush Creams Stage

12:00 Evan Fisher - Elevation Stage
1:30 Lost City Remedy - Kush Creams Stage
3:00 Cross Pollination - Elevation Stage

Children under 12 are free
Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.
Parents, please bring your children at your discretion.
TTLF6's artists and patrons can be adult themed sometimes so please be responsible.

No Pets. We understand that your pet is fine but other peoples pets might not get along with yours and although you may keep your animals on a leash, some other people don't so please respect our decision to not allow pets of any kind. NO PETS, this includes Comfort and Emotional Support animals. We are sorry that this law was changed due to people abusing the system. Fortunately there is now a $500 fine for misrepresenting a service animal and hopefully there will be a remedy soon.

Trained service animals are welcome.

Please love your mother earth, pack it in , pack it out, pick up any trash you may see. The beautiful Skokomish Valley is also farmland and TTLF doesn't want to add trash to our food.

We are grateful to be able to hold our little gathering in such a beautiful location. Please respect the neighboring properties and only tread in designated TTLF property.

Please respect the rules and the staff provided by TTLF. With the rules we provide, we hope to create an enjoyable experience for everyone attending.

No illegal activity.